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Rachakah Writeups has arrived in this writing world to be the most trustworthy content writing service provider. The founder of this company is Ms. Simran Jaiswal, born in 1996 and belongs to Kolkata, India. She graduated from a college under Calcutta University with Communicative English honors and later pursued a Master in English along with PG Diploma in Advertisement. Following her dream of becoming a writer, she also enrolled in a Creative Writing course to develop her creativity.

At the age of 20, Ms. Simran worked in ‘The Statesman’ (A publishing media house) and gained some marvelous experiences in reporting and covering a few events, writing and editing articles and blurbs. Some of the articles written by her about events even got published in the newspaper. To increase her professionalism in different kinds of write ups, she worked in a company where she wrote various articles, descriptive as well as informative content, blogs and two types of books as a ghostwriter. Later, she joined a Publishing house and Movie making company as a Freelance Ghostwriter, where she wrote many stories, poetic quotes, biography, novels, scripts for a movie as well as web series, edited and translated several books, etc. In past years, she has also handled a few writing projects on a contract basis. Recently, she even became an author of her first published short story – ‘It’s all Destiny’.

One fine day, due to her flair for writing, an idea of her startup emerged in her mind; that is now – ‘Rachakah Writeups’. It was a fresh beginning for her. Whenever we think of starting with something new, the first thing that comes to mind is its name. After good research and thought behind it, she came up with this name, prioritizing the earth’s ancient, purest and traditional language – Sanskrit. You all must know that many sage saints of primitive times have given several valuable historical knowledge in Sanskrit. Various languages in this universe also have been derived from Sanskrit. The word; ‘Rachakah’ is a Sanskrit word that means ‘Writer’. The great ancient writers have always considered writing one of the finest arts as it’s the best possible way to express our thoughts and keep our visions in front of this world. Thereupon, writers are the ones who portray both dreams and reality in the most crystal-clear way on this planet.

The creative personality, Ms. Simran Jaiswal, is one ethical person whose work speaks for herself. Her forte lies in social media content for marketing, impressive quotes, impactful product descriptive content, finely researched blog posts, non-fiction writing, story writing, screenplay writing, proofreading, and editing. She is also good at writing speeches, e-mails, updated resumes, articles, content for internal documents, creative copy for advertisements, website content, etc. She is very well aware of the importance of the time and principles needed for any work, especially a good writeup always requires a lot of creativity and dedication. Hence ‘Rachakah Writeups’; only intend to provide impeccable and compelling contents within a limited period. With her work experiences and creative writing skills, Ms. Simran has taken the initiative of the inception of a company to offer high-quality content writing services globally. Click here to find out about her works in detail.

My Qualification


Rachakah Writeups is at your service to provide various kind of content. Our service is a solution to your requirement for text content.

  • Social media content for marketing

    Compelling and customer-oriented contents are required for social-media marketing. We intend to reach and engage your target audience through our gripping one-liners.

  • Website content/ Landing page

    Impressive and impactful contents for your websites will be provided to help you connect with customers. We offer excellent content writing services to all kinds of companies (whether large-scale companies or fresh startups) with a similar effort.

  • Blog/ Article writing

    Our informative and eye-catching blogs will grab your consumer’s attention. And finely researched articles will increase your quality of customers. Articles for magazines are also written here for your brand promotion or other purposes.

  • Product Description writing

    Both online and offline consumers demand descriptions of products they purchase. We’ll provide an impactful product description to make your customer choose your product.

  • Ghostwriting Service

    Want to publish your book in your name but in search of a story? Your research ends here as we are here to provide you with creative and mesmerizing stories that can go for publishment with ease. We write on both; fictional and non-fictional (Biography) topics, as per your need.

  • Content edits Rewrites

    Content editing or rewriting helps your prestige better in your respective field. It improves the quality of your existing content and makes your customer stick to your brand. We also rewrite articles or blogs in absolutely structured form for the betterment of your brand name from customer’s perspective.

  • Book editing and proofreading

    Hope you’re done writing your book containing a sublime story or any non-fictional writeup/prose. Are you stuck at the stage of editing and proofreading. We are providing good quality error-free book writing services.

  • Scriptwriting

    Scripts are screenplay writing which gives life to any story. We write scripts for videos, movies, web series, and Podcasts.

  • Poetic quotes

    Want a creative poem to publish on your name? Or finding difficulty in dedicating beautiful poetic quotes for your loved ones? We are here to provide you with innovative content with our out- of- the- box thoughts.

  • Legal writing

    Several kinds of content are required for business purposes as internal legal documents. Hereby, we write all types of formal legal content, such as Product Plans, SRS writing, etc., for your startups based on the provided data.

  • Creative Writing Services (E- book, Audiobook, etc.)

    Need stories for children? We write funny, creative tales with moral values for kids to make them learn through stories. Need high-quality stories for E-Books, Audiobooks, or Podcasts? We also offer all such content for our variety of customers.

  • Translation services

    Many readers find trouble reading books/articles/blogs because of language barriers. Our translation services would help convert your content from Hindi to English and vice versa to increase the list of your readers.

  Work Experience


Until now, I’ve written different sorts of content for these companies and gained a little experience.

We understand it’s risky to keep faith in a fresh writing service provider. Have a glimpse of a few of my work experiences and go for the quality of service you’ll receive here.

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